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Logo Molino Rossi

Present on national and foreign markets, Rossi Mills offers an all-Italian quality

Molino Rossi vendita diretta


"The Selection"

We grind grains harvested only from carefully selected areas to ensure maximum quality.

Selection of the various types of grain available on the market at the moment of purchase is undoubtedly the first fundamental step to best utilize the existing varieties, suitably proportioned and blended in relation to the requested milling.

Only an accurate blending of the grains, based on the percentages and qualities used, allows to yield different types of flour. Some blends are customized according to the specific request of even a single client, confirming that the primary objective of Rossi Mills is the complete satisfaction of the buyer.

Molino Rossi - Produzione

"The Production"

All of our flours ensure superior quality. Our tradition, passion and research are the key ingredients to create your quality products, certified by the wisdom of five generations of wheat experts.

It is the passion for their craft that highlights and qualifies the activities of Rossi Mills. The dedication and commitment of the Rossi family, leading the company for decades, has transmitted the same enthusiasm to their staff who, with loyalty and satisfaction, has seen the company grow over the years and succeed in markets throughout Italy.

For the company, daily commitment, the desire to ensure customer satisfaction for the services and products provided, looking to the future and working with those changes that technology brings about and that new regulations require, represent a constant and essential requirement that underpins the entire production process of the grains, depending on the crops and the characteristics of the harvest.

Molino Rossi - Produzione

"Customer service"

We grind grains harvested only from carefully selected areas to ensure top quality.

Our staff is able to satisfy quickly and thoroughly:

  • Information requests
  • Troubleshooting specific to each type of processing
  • File management
  • Order processing
  • Post sales
  • Specialist and technical support

Infoline: 050 854545 - info@molinorossi.it

Centro Italia: 06 72672628 - info@mondoalimenti.com

Molino Rossi - Customer service

Quality control

"Daily controls guarantee quality'"

QUALITY CONTROL. Rossi Mills is equipped with a laboratory for quality control of the flours produced.

Technicians perform daily organoleptic, chemical and rheological tests for each type of wheat received in order to best utilize it for each type of flour. Similar controls are performed on the processed product in order to verify the attainment of rheological “premium class”, with a guarantee for our clients of consistent quality for every type of application.

The tests carried out are of chemical (moisture content as per ICC Standard no. 110, ashes, official method) and rheological types:

  • ALVEOGRAPH (NG Chopin – A.A.C.C. 54-30-A1194-ICC Standard no. 121)
  • GLUTEN INDEX (A.A.C.C. 38-10)

In addition, microbiological and filth tests are constantly performed on samples of wheat and flour.

Molino Rossi - Controllo

Mill today

“The Mill in the XXI century: tradition and innovation”

The fifth generation of entrepreneurs has achieved high levels of knowledge about the market, its variations and about the finished product. The best and most scrutinized suppliers serve the company. The quality of the wheat and flour produced is monitored through continuous processes.

molino Rossi OggiThe Roberto Rossi S.p.A. company entered the new millennium with the determination to assert itself among the major national companies in the sector, implementing a program of total control of the supply chain and traceability, from the purchase of grain to the finished product, and relying on skilled personnel, combined with reliability, care and commitment, which are traditionally the strong points of the company. In recent years, energies have been devoted to the upgrading of production, particularly in the continuous monitoring of the quality of the flours produced and services provided. Today, daily production allows for the offer of a greater variety of products to a large and loyal customer base, from artisan to industrial bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias, up to the big food industry with a guarantee of particular rapidity in the processing of orders. Moreover, a qualified testing laboratory is at the company’s disposal to identify and meet the specific needs of clients. This policy, along with continuous updates and technological investments, has enabled the company to maintain a high market standard. Logistics and operating rationality complying with hygiene requirements and quality control, which represent an increasing expectation among consumers, are prerogatives that, united with economic competitiveness, allow Roberto Rossi Mills to distribute supplies throughout Italy and further afield.


molino Rossi Story
molino Rossi Story

“The History”

We produce quality since 1898

Rossi Mills was established on the Ripafratta canal between the Serchio River (Mount Sillano – Lucca) and the Arno River (Florence – Pisa), which was built in 1566 by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo de’ Medici. In 1998, the gold medals from the Pisan Industrial Union, reserved to successful entrepreneurs, and from the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa in acknowledgement of business merit, testified to the first century of the Roberto Rossi Mills. Five generations of the family of entrepreneurs have uninterruptedly guided, and continue to guide, the business since Giovanni Rossi purchased the Ripafratta mill in 1898, continuing and increasing the activity begun in the family mill located in nearby Quosa. Technology and progress are the basis of the transformation that has characterized the history of the milling industry, with water operation for the movement of the millstones, so ancient as to be traced back to the 4th century BC, as information regarding the Augustan Empire reveals. In the Brevi dei Molinari (literally, Mill Briefs) of 1286, the Republic of Pisa, supplied by the mills of Calci, Lugnano and Quosa, governed the height of the water falls, the price of milling, the weighing of the flour and fines for offenders. The Ripafratta canal, completed in 1566 upon the will of Cosimo de’ Medici, was known as the “mill ditch” or “the grind”, because its exceptionally high hydraulic power favored the establishment of new mills along the canal, as well as the transport of goods and people between Ripafratta, San Giuliano Terme and Pisa. Among these, the Ripafratta mill was also established, known today as “Roberto Rossi Mills S.p.A.”. With the advent and diffusion of electricity in the first decades of the twentieth century, the old millstones were replaced with more efficient mill cylinders and mechanical tumblers, allowing for a significant increase in production and a remarkable improvement in quality that persists up to the present day.

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